Thank you to our patients for being so adaptable as we navigate this pandemic. We have been working to ensure we provide patients the care they need during this time and without your flexibility and understanding things would not have gone as smoothly! Our plan, at this time, is that we will continue with telehealth over the next couple months as the state opens up. If it becomes necessary to continue telehealth beyond that, we will do so. We hope to accommodate telehealth requests beyond July depending on your insurance coverage and telehealth being an approved service. At this time our providers are seeing all patients via telehealth unless the provider sees the need for an in office visit. Our office will be reaching out to discuss your upcoming visit. Thank you again and continue to stay safe!

Caring for the Quality of your Life

Our team approach brings together the expertise of numerous medical and surgical disciplines to provide you with the best treatment options available. The goal of the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute is to help you regain the quality of your life.

Research has shown that complex health problems such as back pain, cancer, asthma, diabetes and heart disease are best treated by centers of excellence that direct all their time and resources at solving these important health care issues. As a recognized "Center of Excellence" our solution to back pain, neck pain and brain disorders is a multi-disciplinary team approach that combines the expertise of the core medical, surgical and rehabilitation disciplines. The patient then benefits from an unbiased approach that represents the best of all treatment options.

Congratulations to our 2021 Top Doctors!

For the 2021 Top Doctors poll, New Hampshire Magazine named the following New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute doctors, nominated by their peers.

Uri Ahn
Orthopaedic Surgery

Thomas Frates
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Paul Wang
Neurological Surgery


  • Hip Mobility Exercises
  • NH NeuroSpine Institute

Do you find yourself sitting more during your “stay at home”? Watch our physical therapist demonstrate hip stretches and mobilization techniques good for anyone with restrictions with hip flexion or general low back tightness.

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  • World Class Care
  • NH NeuroSpine Institute

Why are people from around the country with back pain, neck pain, or brain disorders traveling to New Hampshire?

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  • Byron Testimonial
  • NH NeuroSpine Institute

Listen as Sarah Byron, patient of Dr. Uri M. Ahn, MD, gives her testimonial of the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute.

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  • Ryll Testimonial
  • NH NeuroSpine Institute

Listen as Dana Ryll, patient of Dr. Thomas J. Kleeman, MD, gives his testimonial of the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute.

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