The Golf Enhancement Program at New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute

What is the NHNSI Golf Enhancement Program?
NHNSI's golf program is designed to increase your fitness level, assess body mechanics and help to strengthen your overall golf performance. Whether it is your golf swing or increasing your stamina to finish 18 holes, we specialize in identifying the factors that are limiting your performance and designing an exercise program to target those factors. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified Physical Therapist will work with you on an individual basis and determine what you as a golfer can do to increase your functioning on the golf course. Working with a team of musculoskeletal experts allows us to utilize the knowledge of our providers along with the knowledge of a Physical Therapist to give you the best golf performance recovery experience.

What can you plan to gain from the NHNSI Golf Enhancement Program?

Our goal is to help you increase your distance and power, minimize your chance of injury and improve your accuracy by evaluating your body-swing connection.

The focused areas will be:
• Flexibility/Mobility
• Balance
• Strength
• Stabilization
• Endurance

Who can benefit from the NHNSI Golf Enhancement Program?

  • Golfers who are recovering from a musculoskeletal surgery whom have returned to the sport of golf but are noticing a change in their golf performance. Whether it is increased pain with your swing or just an overall performance change. We will assess your swing/stance and establish a routine that will help increase your function level and bring you back to the golfer you were prior to surgery.
  • Golfers noticing changes in your golf performance that could be contributed to an injury or strain we will evaluate the changes and target those areas that are suffering.
  • Golfers who have not suffered from an injury or had surgery but are interested in improving their overall fitness level with a plan targeted towards improving their golf performance.

How do I sign up for the NHNSI Golf Enhancement Program?

Our Golf Enhancement Program includes:
• Initial assessment – a one-on-one with our Titleist certified instructor
• A video analysis of your swing
• A detailed analysis of your body-swing connection
• An individual plan for enhancement
• Follow-up sessions to address your specific goals

The initial assessment and video analysis has a fee of $150. Follow up sessions will be $50 per session.

View our Golf Enhancement Program brochure or call (603) 472-8888 to sign up today!


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