Ambulatory Surgery Center

We want to introduce you to the first spine focused Ambulatory Surgery Center in New England. We have collaborated with other renowned Spine specialists to make this state of the art facility a one of a kind. Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of New England is located on the first floor of our Bedford, NH facility. The center has everything a hospital has to offer but with all of the amenities of a surgery center.

On-on-one care
The nursing staff is dedicated to your after-procedure recovery. The staff is trained and specializes in spine and neurosurgery procedures. Their focus is on you, rather then 5 or 6 patients at a time.

A Cost-effective solution
As a patient your main concern should be your recovery. We want this to be your only concern. Many patients with an HMO will pay a lower copay for accessing care in a surgery center. For patients with a deductible and coinsurance, the ASC costs are 30-50% less then receiving the care at the hospital.

Minimally Invasive Surgery
We are truly committed to Minimally Invasive Surgery. It’s not just a buzz word to us. Our surgeons expertise is sought after to instruct other surgeons in these techniques. Minimally invasive surgery can truly make a difference in a patients short term outcomes and long term success.


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