At New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute we have the ability to offer a customized physical therapy program to our patients. We utilize a team approach in patient care which allows our providers and physical therapists to work together and design the perfect program for our patients.

Our Therapists specialize in the treatment of spine injuries and diagnoses. They also have direct access to your NHNSI treating physician to discuss any concerns and your progress throughout your treatment as needed.

  • • We have a full gym on premises w/ cardio equipment and nautilus equipment which is ideal for those patients already exercising independently or those wanting to transition to an independent gym program when they complete PT. We are able to specifically train these patients in proper form while exercising and how to properly and safely advance their exercise programs.

  • • We offer private treatment rooms for patients needing treatment with modalities or those patients requiring hands on manual treatment.

  • • We offer one on one treatment w/ the same therapist each visit.

Whether we are treating an acute injury, a chronic condition or recovery from surgery, we believe the need for Physical Therapy is central to restoring and maintaining function. The specific type of therapy used will depend on a number of conditions and is individualized per patient after a thorough evaluation by your therapist. Depending on the patients’ injury and availability, most patients' programs run for four to six weeks, two or three times weekly.

These programs return patients to optimum health using the safest, most efficient and comfortable methods possible.

Insurance Benefits and Out of Pocket Cost
It can be confusing for patients to understand their insurance benefits and how they relate to their care. Prior to attending your physical therapy evaluation at NH NeuroSpine Institute we will make sure that we know what your physical therapy benefit is, how it relates to the number of visits you can have, what the authorization requirements are and how much your copay will be.

We are all concerned about the cost of healthcare and the financial burden your copay for PT may have on you. We can work with you to limit the frequency of sessions needed to still benefit from PT but lessen the out of pocket cost for you. This involves commitment on the patient's part to do their home exercise program as prescribed by their PT for the treatment to be effective.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy Preoperatively and Postoperatively
Participating in physical therapy prior to undergoing a surgery is beneficial because it is focused on improving strength, mobility, and function which will in turn help in your recovery process post operatively. We understand that patients who are scheduling surgery are typically, in pain. Your physical therapist will evaluate the situation and be sure to avoid activities that exacerbate your symptoms. Your pre-surgery exercise plan will be geared to getting your body in the best possible condition prior to surgery without increasing your pain.

Physical therapy after surgery focuses on increasing strength, flexibility and mobility to restore function and get you back to activities of daily living and return patients to work.

Treatment Types & Descriptions
At NH NeuroSpine Institute we create an exercise program that is specific to you. Your treatments may include:

Therapeutic Exercise

Creates a deep healing effect that can reduce pain, spasm and joint stiffness while increasing flexibility in your muscles and tendons.

Electrical Stimulation
Decreases pain and swelling and facilitates faster healing.

Manual Therapy
Includes hands-on joint and soft-tissue mobilization, massage therapy, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy and a number of other advanced techniques.

Cupping therapy, which uses cups to create suction on the skin, is a popular treatment for muscle tension, chronic pain, fatigue, and inflammation. It has been a key part of traditional Middle Eastern and Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


Dry Needling A Doctor or Physical Therapist uses filiform needles to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying neural, muscular, and connective tissues for the evaluation and management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Learn More

Rockblading Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

Mechanical Traction - Cervical and Lumbar
A form of decompressive therapy using a traction machine that relieves pressure on the spine and discs.

Education for posture and body mechanics.

Additional Programs
Next Step
A program designed for patients who have completed their physical therapy treatment but want to continue utilizing the gym and having access to our physical therapists in a group setting. The cost is minimal and helps to avoid further impact on their physical therapy benefit through their insurance.

Work Conditioning
At New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute, we develop a functional strengthening program that is tailored to an individual’s job demands. Through this program, clients will learn proper body mechanics under the care of one of our skilled physical therapists. Clients will work 30-60 minutes per session with 2-3 sessions a week. Clients will also receive a detailed home exercise program specific to their needs with the goal of returning to work safely.

NHNSI offers specific work conditioning programs designed for LNAs and Firefighters.

Golf Program
Golf specific physical therapy after injury. Learn More

Concussion Clinic
Involves instruction for Rest and Recovery, Restoring strength and endurance, Stopping dizziness and improving balance, Reduce headaches, and Return to normal activity and sports.

For more information on these programs and how they can help you, please call (603)472-8888 ext. 609

Let us help make your care more convenient!
We know that schedules are busy and trying to coordinate your care is tough. We will do our best to coordinate your appointment times around your schedules. For your convenience our Physical Therapy coordinator is available to answer all your questions in regards to scheduling and insurance. They can also help facilitate communication with your physical therapist. You can reach the PT coordinator directly at 472-8888, Ext 609.


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