X-Rays at New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute

Our onsite computerized X-ray capabilities allow us to maximize treatment with patient convenience in mind. Many of our providers will require an X-ray prior to your appointment for diagnostic purposes. Conveniently, your X-ray will be booked to correspond with the time of your appointment, and we will try to accommodate any time preferences you may have. Please notify your provider if you are pregnant or there is a chance that you are pregnant.

What is an X-ray?
An X-ray is a noninvasive medical test that assists physicians in diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Imaging with x-rays involves exposing a part of the body to a small dose of ionizing radiation, producing an image on a digital recording plate. These images can be seen by the physician on a computer monitor at the time of the visit.

The X-ray sensitive film is placed in different areas based on the body part being examined. As light from the machine passes through the film, silhouettes of your bones are left on the X-ray film. Due to the density of bone, the X-ray particles are absorbed to create an image; whereas X-rays pass right through the skin, leaving its appearance transparent.

Pilates - the beginners' guide

Explore Pilates Tips, Pilates Exercises, and more!

Always been curious about Pilates but never brave enough to try it? Joanna Smith discovers how to strengthen your core, improve flexibility and calm your mind with our novices’ guide to Pilates.

Pilates emerged in the early 20th century after German gymnast Joseph Pilates developed the fitness system as a way to improve rehabilitation for injured war veterans. Joseph Pilates referred to the system as Contrology, and placed a big emphasis on the relationship between mind and body when controlling your muscles. Now popular with millions worldwide, the Pilates fitness system focuses on spine alignment, breathing and core strength to improve muscle strength and elasticity.

  • Myth 1: Pilates Is a Good Way to Lose Weight
  • Myth 2: Pilates Is Only for Women
  • Myth 3: You Need Special Machines for Pilates
  • Myth 4: Pilates Will Make You a Lot Stronger
  • Myth 5: Pilates Is Only for Your Abs
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  • What is Pilates?
  • What are the types of Pilates classes?
  • What are the benefits of Personal Training?
  • Why Pilates?
  • What is the Powerhouse?
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Personal training

Since health is wealth, I’ve developed these 4 basic steps to get you RICH :)

Through experience I’ve found that people need a minimum of 6 months to really reach their goals, get comfortable with change and set a new routine. You do really have to be ready and committed to making some changes on a mental, physical and emotional level.


To start with, it’s all about adding in more of the good stuff. More veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, maybe some vitamins and supplements...

. . .


This is really looking inward at your relationship with food, making connections between how you feel and what you are eating, acknowledging how...

. . .


Here we will do some food experiments. We’ll try taking some things out of your diet that might not be serving you and seeing how you feel...

. . .


Settling into a new lifestyle. We all falter a little and tend to fall back into old routines so this a time to be patient and work through any residual is feelings...

. . .


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