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Physical Therapy at New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute

Here at New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute we have the ability to offer a customized physical therapy program to our patients. We utilize a team approach in patient care which allows our providers and physical therapists to work together and design the perfect program for you!

What is Physical Therapy?
It's imperative for patients to understand that physical therapy is an integral part of recovery. Most patients don't realize that loss of muscle strength can allow injuries to occur more frequently as well as increase the intensity of an injury. With the appropriate program, physical therapy is designed to strengthen the muscles that are injured or strengthen the muscles that surround the injury. This will help patients to decrease the amount of pain due to an injury and in some cases relieve the patient of pain. Physical therapists use a number of methods to achieve the goal of relieving pain and increasing muscle strength - progressive exercise, ultrasound, manual therapies, and electrical stimulation. These are just a sample of the methods used. Patients are encouraged to ask about any concerns or questions they have regarding the start of physical therapy program. We will be happy to have a physical therapist address those concerns directly with patients.

Physical Therapist and ProviderYour Program
Whether we are treating an acute injury, a chronic condition or recovering from surgery the need for PT is central to restoring and maintaining function. The specific type of therapy will depend on a number of conditions. Once you see a provider he or she will determine your diagnosis. Our physical therapists will then create a program based on the diagnosis, the duration of pain and your medical history. They will work with your referring provider to ensure that they are maximizing your time with them along with transitioning you into a program that you can utilize outside of our office. Depending on the patients injury and availability, most patients' programs run for four to six weeks, two or three times weekly. These programs return patients to optimum health using the safest, most efficient and comfortable methods possible.

Our Programs

Spine Care Therapy
Everyone knows that physical therapy can help in many different areas. What people don't know is how important physical therapy is to treating back pain. Patients often don't realize that the loss of muscle strength in the spine can increase the stress on the spinal column. Our primary goal is to decrease your back pain by utilizing a treatment plan that is patient specific but also has been created specifically with back pain in mind. Over the years our spine surgeons have worked directly with our physical therapists to develop three specific treatment plans- back-neck rehabilitation, pre-surgical muscle strengthening and post surgical rehabilitation.

Bone and Joint Therapy
We see a number of patients with injuries non-spine related such as conditions relating to the shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, elbow, etc. Our therapists work daily with our orthopeadic surgeon specializing in "Sports injury" type conditions to implement the most innovative therapies. These programs are patient-specific and take into account the condition, how the condition occurred and the patient's lifestyle. The provider and the physical therapist have worked together to create a foundation program for these injuries they are then customized based on the patients individual needs. Programs inlcude- Orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, Shoulder, elbow, Hip, and knee therapy.

The Next Step… Beyond Physical Therapy
We understand that physical therapy programs pose significant demands on patients both in the form of time commitment and the out of pocket expense. It is especially challenging for those who have never exercised before but who are determined to work hard to rebuild their bodies and their lives. In addition, it is not uncommon to find a patient with very limited Insurance benefits for physical therapy or that they have already exhausted all or most of their benefits due to a recurring spine condition. Time and financial constraints can lead some patients to "cut short" their PT and end up making a less than full recovery. Once discharged from physical therapy, patients are left to rely on themselves to adhere to post-rehab exercise programs outside of the clinic, and most often neglect to follow through. If a patient is not prepared for this transition, this can lead to a failure and recurrence of symptoms.

With these facts in mind, NHNSI has created a unique program directed at transitioning our physical therapy patients to a more independent program. We perform this program in the same environment, with the same equipment and with the same staff they have come to know and trust. NHNSI's "The Next Step" Program assists patients to make the change from one-on-one Physical therapy to a program they can soon do on their own. This will also allow patients to determine what exercise program works best for them, whether it be a health club membership, a home fitness program, etc. To learn more about this program, please call or download our brochure.

Our physical therapy team is here to help you. If you have any questions about our programs or injuries that we treat please call: (603)472-8888

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