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What is the ImPACT program?
NHNSI is working with ImPACT in an effort to ensure a safe recovery for athletes whom have suffered from a concussion. ImPACT is a 20 minute neurocognitive test that has been scientifically validated to measure the effects of a sports related concussion. Dr. Adam Cugalj, at NH NeuroSpine Institute, is a certified ImPACT consultant. Dr. Cugalj also creates an individual recovery program based on the concussion severity, the sport, and the symptoms. NH NeuroSpine will work with coaches, athletic directors and athletic trainers to develop a Concussion Management program. Individual athletes are encouraged to complete a baseline test if their team or athletic program does not currently participate in a concussion management program. The recovery time following a concussion is EXTREMELY important, as proper management of the injury is the first step in avoiding long-term complications.

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It is important to us that athletes take the proper precautions prior to playing an impact sport. Baseline ImPACT testing is extremely important in the post treatment of a concussion. NHNSI has made it easy to receive this baseline testing and concussion management without having to coordinate a concussion management team for your athletic department, team or school. We will coordinate the testing for your team with individual testing times or small group testing slots. The team is given the baseline testing for a flat rate and we will continue to follow the team in the event a concussion does occur and post injury testing and management is necessary. Individual enrollment is also available.

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