Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic at New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute

The Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic at NH NeuroSpine Institute is the first of its kind in the state of New Hampshire. We utilize our multi-specialty team to treat patients with fractures and to provide the knowledge and treatment towards prevention of future fractures. In some cases we take charge in the overall management of Osteoporosis  or we may refer the patient back to their primary care provider, if they prefer. NHNSI offers patients the leading care in overall bone health while providing cost-effective treatment solutions with the convenience of onsite services.

Currently there is an estimated 44 million people living in the United States with either low bone mass or Osteoporosis. Studies estimate that by 2020, over half the population of the United States with be affected by this disease. Fragility fractures have become nearly an epidemic in the United States among older adults with over 2 million fractures each year - more than heart attacks, strokes, and breast cancer combined. Preventing just one fracture can save patients thousands of dollars in healthcare.

Unfortunately in many cases, the fracture is treated but the underlying cause of the fracture goes untreated. Thus, furthering the likelihood for future injury. The goal of the Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic is to focus on reducing the patient’s risk for injury by strengthening the bones and treating for bone loss.

Treating the fracture - In most cases treating the fragility fracture is the first step in the process. With onsite orthopaedic surgeons, physiatrists, diagnostic services, pain management and physical therapy, NHNSI can offer the most up-to-date treatment options.

Finding the underlying cause - While treatment for the fracture is the typically the patient’s main priority, the Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic will begin working with the patient by performing an assessment and determining the potential risk for future fractures. There are a number of ways to determine the level of bone loss, including dexascans, bone density and lab tests. Patients may not be diagnosed with diseases, such as Osteoporosis  (which progressively decreases the strength of your bones by re-absorbing your bone faster than you can create new bone), but may still be suffering from bone loss.

Treating the underlying cause - Treatments vary based on the individual and the severity of his or her condition. Our providers can work together with the primary care physician and the patient to coordinate the best and most convenient cost effective plan of care.

Nutrition - Adding calcium and vitamin D to a patient’s diet and creating an easy way to get the necessary nutrients is one of the most important steps. Nutrition counseling is available as a primary method to work towards overall bone health.

Physical Therapy - An individual-centered exercise program is key in helping patients gain strength and reduce the risk for future trauma or injury. The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity. Our therapists will customize an exercise regimen specific to your needs.

Medication - Though there are very few medications that can actually help to build bone, medication management can be key in reducing or stopping bone loss. The Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic determines, based on a number of diagnostic tools and the individual patient, what may be the best medication for the patient. By instituting training sessions, along with opening our own Infusion Suite, we can offer the most cost-effective healthcare solutions with the convenience of giving patients a one-stop treatment facility.

Smoking Cessation - Cigarette smoking was first identified as a risk factor for Osteoporosis more than 20 years ago. Studies have shown a direct relationship between tobacco use and decreased bone density. The best thing smokers can do to protect their bones is to quit smoking. Assisting patients with smoking cessation resources is key.

Osteoporosis Management - Patients who have Osteoporosis require the long-term monitoring of their bone loss and a continuous effort towards reducing this bone loss. NHNSI’s Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic has the resources to follow the patient’s care while taking care of ordering annual or bi-annual testing and obtaining authorizations for the necessary services. When indicated, medications can be recommended until the numbers remain stable with nutrition and physical activity. We work closely with the patient’s entire healthcare team to assure the resources of the Comprehensive Bone Health Clinic are the most effective for each individual.

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